Shalom Global Foundation (SGF) is a non – profit organization working to transform communities through partnership. SGF is a National NGO operating since 2005. We provide various services across India. We strive to achieve our goals by equipping our project teams and partners with skills and strategies for sustainable holistic impact. We have been serving all people regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender.


Shalom Water is Life project strives to ensure water security in rural India in order to build the capacities of villagers and local leaders. We believe water is essential for life. We empower the local communities by providing safe drinking water to reduce the time taken to collect water and bring down the risk of diseases. We teach them the importance of hygiene and sanitation practices, enabling the communities to grow healthier. We prioritize the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable communities who are often excluded from existing services. We are determined to bring clean water, sanitation, health and hope to those who lack access to it. The local facilitators take this community development programme to the people by working alongside SGF. This allows their efforts to be sustainable, creating a long-lasting impact that will reach the people of the village.

Shalom Eye Care hospital was established in the year 2012 with the focus on poor and marginalized. The vision of the hospital is transforming the community through restoring the sight. It is located in Mughalsarai, 12 km from Varanasi the religious capital of India. It has the drainage area of three district viz Chandauli, Mirzapur, Robertsganj and Varanasi apart from adjoining district like Bauxre and Kimoor of Bihar. SEC strives to eliminate avoidable blindness through affordable, accessible and appropriate eye care services to all specially with the focus on poor, marginalized and aged with compassion and caring in eastern region of India. It provides counselling, surgical, OPD, community and refractive services to the needy people.

Bio Sand Filter (BSF) is a water filter that makes dirty water safe to drink. It can be used in homes, schools & offices and can be made of concrete or plastic. It is filled with layers of sand and gravel that are carefully prepared to put inside the filter. The Bio Sand Filter falls under the ”Filter Your Water” steps of the multi. barrier approach to safe water. SGF took initiative to aware the people of water contamination in Assam at Udalgiri district. People here use the river water stored in the ponds they have made in front of their homes. After the survey, SGF team found out that this water was not drinkable, not clear, muddy, lot of bacteria etc. Due to this, people are born with water born/ related diseases and have frequent stomach ache which led them to spend lot of money on medicines. SGF installed Bio Sand Filter in 200 families in Udalgiri district.

Drug addiction is a serious problem in the Punjab region. One of India’s most prosperous states, the fertile land of five rivers and the nation’s bread basket is having to struggle with a serious problem that is now reaching epidemic proportions. According to a recent United Nations report, Punjab has the second highest number of drug addicts in India. Around 80% of those aged 16-35 are drug addicts. Citizens of Punjab are addicted to opium, heroin, painkillers, amphetamines and more. The reasons for widespread drug addiction in Punjab are many: unemployment and frustrated economic expectations are among the reasons. SGF conducts road show and seminars in schools & colleges to spread the awareness and change the lives of many people.

Through education & literacy program, SGF has reached out to the needy children and youths of our nation to counsel, strengthen and built their bright future. SGF runs education and tuition centers to help students to help in their studies and improve in learning. SGF also provides scholarship to needy children.

SGF is committed in providing the most comprehensive and appropriate care to all people we serve and provide guidance & counselling in the different areas such as educational, career development, marriage enrichment, family and parental counseling, crisis management, counseling to transgender

SGF also works toward health and family well being. The main focus is to counsel and mentor the people for good health and strong family relationships. For this, SGF conducts Family Counseling and Health &  Hygienic seminars.

SGF is also helping the HIV affected families by providing them nutritious, educational, medical & welfare support and conducts awareness program in such communities.

SGF also conducts orality seminar, education & environment seminar, project leaders seminar, income generation training, staff retreat, workshop on organic farming & afforestation etc.

Today all development agencies in India agree on the importance of value-based education to empower women in order to promote and maintain family, health, nutrition and general well-being of the people in society. Recognizing the influence and scope of women in society, SGF organizes seminars and conduct training such as training in  beauty culture, micron handwork, sewing, knitting, computer training etc.

Youth represent the most dynamic segment of the India’s population and are the future of the Nation. India is one of the youngest nations in the world. About 65% of India’s population is under 35 years of age. The focus of the government is on youth-led development. The youth should become active drivers and not merely passive recipients of development. SGF has been implementing various programs like personality development, skill development, sports training, spoken english and computer training  for empowering youth of the country to achieve their full potential, and through them enable India to find its rightful place in the community of nations.

SGF also works on moral and spiritual values for the welfare of people. Moral values are the principles and ethics that help us live a righteous life. They are integral to a righteous and virtuous human life. Moral values govern our life and keep us on the right path. When we live by moral values right from childhood, they become a part of our lives, and help us do the right and save ourselves from wrong. Moral values help us take right decisions in life’s trying situations and sail through life easily as they give us a sense of direction and purpose. Thus, SGF helps in developing moral and spiritual knowledge, skills and attitudes.


The innocence of a child reflects the beauty of life. However, this innocence often makes the child vulnerable to become a prey in dishonest and deceitful hands. Keeping in mind this fact, our approach to help children and adolescent at risk is to engage other organizations/ leaders by informing them about the needs of children and equip them to provide effective care to children at risk & also equip them on management systems to develop better projects for children at risk.

One of the main goals of SGF is for the holistic development of children in the nation. For this, we conduct health awareness programs, value based education, cognitive, spiritual, moral & physical development programs, provide nutritious supplement, free education to the marginalized children, celebrate children day and also financial help to the needy children.


SGF also help the people who are affected with flood, conducts free medical camps, provides marriage  and medical assistance to the needy, helps the aged people, feeds the hungry, provides financial help to repair home, buy motorbike, open a shop etc.

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