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Bio Sand Filter

Bio Sand Filter (BSF) is a water filter that makes dirty water safe to drink. It can be used in homes, schools & offices and can be made of concrete or plastic. It is filled with layers of sand and gravel that are carefully prepared to put inside the filter. The Bio Sand Filter falls under the ”Filter Your Water” steps of the multi. barrier approach to safe water. SGF took initiative to aware the people of water contamination in Assam at Udalgiri district. People here use the river water stored in the ponds they have made in front of their homes. After the survey, SGF team found out that this water was not drinkable, not clear, muddy, lot of bacteria etc. Due to this, people are born with water born/ related diseases and have frequent stomach ache which led them to spend lot of money on medicines. SGF installed Bio Sand Filter in 200 families in Udalgiri district.

Impact Story

Name– Kanok 

Village– Kh********

Source of drinking water– Stream water


Mr. Kanok lives with his aged father, wife and a daughter of 6 yrs. He came first to the BSF project during the construction training just to know about the new thing. After he came to the training, he got aware of the present scenario of the community and the acute need of a water filter and safe drinking water. He showed keen interest to be a part of this project and volunteered himself to work in it. He then became an entrepreneur, responsible to construct BSF in the villages of Khwarmanguri and Rupajuli. He is a village leader who is an active member in the social welfare group. The villagers used to drink from the local stream water without filtration and thus used to suffer from water-borne diseases like indigestion and diarrhoea. But they were unaware of the cause of these diseases and never thought that there drinking water is serving as a leakage in their family by causing recurring medical expenses. Now, they are using BSF for a month and noticing a remarkable change in the child’s and in his father’s health specially and they have become an inspiration to others regarding the consumption of safe drinking water by BSF. Other villagers come to his house to collect safe drinking water from BSF.

They thank the SGF team for bringing a change in the society through the BSF project.


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