Management Improvement Program (MIP)

“MIP has helped us to develop a strong framework of management excellence. Since taking the course, We have overhauled our financial systems, placed in an accountability framework, ventured into newer avenues of resource generation and taken concrete steps towards developing the next line of leadership.” 

Dr. Judith Lhamu, Elohim Radiant Trust, Bihar

Management Improvement Program (MIP)

Management Improvement Program (MIP) is a two-year modular workshop with on-site mentoring support. MIP’s main goal is to equip the leaders of Community-Based Organizations, enabling them to run their organizations effectively for better output, thereby fulfilling the statutory requirements and abiding by the law of the land.

MIP helps to strategize their operations- fulfilling the vision and mission with tangible, sustainable outcomes and impact. It also enables improvement of the work culture and standards. MIP helps leaders to strengthen organizational management by proper governance.

It is a learner-centric platform, where leaders share their experiences and best practices to make the learning effective.

MIP covers 6 core fundamentals of Organizational Development. Each module is customized based on needs. Every module starts by analyzing the training needs through a survey of the organization and inputs are made on various standards and requirements for improvement. The participants developed their own plan of action to meet the required standards and provide quality services. With every workshop, MIP mentors visit the organizations and further help them implement the desired changes by helping them overcome the challenges and barriers. Changes implemented and the impacts made are reported while attending the next module. We have sucessfully completed training for 4 batches.
  •  1st phase from 2014 to 2016, we trained 20 organizations.
  •  2nd phase from 2017-18, we equipped 23 organizations from 11 different states in India.
  •  3rd phase from 2019-2021, we trained 24 organizations from 10 different states in India.
  • 4th phase in 2022, we empowered 12 organizations.
Currently, we have finished our fifth batch of the first sessions of Project Planning and Finance. In October, we will start our Resource Mobilization topic.


Modules of MIP

Financial Management

Financial Management is an important part of the program management and involves planning, organising, controlling and reporting on the financial resources of an organization to achieve organizational goals. In many NGOs financial management is given low priority. MIP’s Financial Management Module helps the organization’s financial system to be in compliance with the law of the land. 

Project Planning & Management

As there is an increasing awareness that management techniques are crucial to project success in Non-Governmental Organizations, this MIP module aims to help the process of planning and managing projects, programs and organizations and maximize the positive impact on the lives of people we work with. This helps the projects to be successful and sustainable.  

Resource Mobilization

Resource mobilization is about being able to mobilize finance and other resources needed for the project or organization to do the work it has planned from medium to long term, in line with its stated vision, mission and strategy. It also included good stewardship (or management) of the resources.


Organizational governance is the process of overseeing an organization. It is all about fairness, accountability, transparency, equity and ethics. It involves ensuring that an organization or project meets its legal responsibilities and that its resources are used wisely and effectively. It also helps to ensure that its work contributes to its mission and purpose. The aim of this module is to help organizations build a board of people who will provide good leadership and accept responsibility for the organization. 

Human Resource Management

Human resource is of paramount importance for the success of any organization. It is a source of strength and aid. Human resources are the wealth of an organization which can help it in achieving its goals.  It reflects a new outlook which views the organization’s manpower as its resources and assets.  Human resource is the total knowledge, abilities, skills, talents and aptitudes of an organization’s workforce. 

Leadership Development & Team Building

The MIP Leadership module recognizes that leadership development and team building that requires an intentional, long term investment in people. MIP is committed to the journey and believes in a higher standard of leadership. Our leadership training programs are practical and highly interactive. In the leadership module, follow up mentoring goes far beyond the event. 

Phase Of MIP


MIP – 1st Phase 

2017 – 2018



MIP – 2nd  Phase 

2017 – 2018


MIP – 3rd Phase

2019 – 2021


MIP – 4th Phase 



MIP – 5th Phase

2023 – 2024


Management Improvement Program - Phase V

Management Improvement Program - Phase IV

Management Improvement Program - Phase III

Management Improvement Program - Phase II

Management Improvement Program - Phase I

Impact Stories


Judith Lahmu

Lucas Masih

Dinesh Kumar

Kakuli Sarkar

Pawan K Kashyap



George Joseph

John Varghese

Micheal John

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