My name is Rupiya Devi. I am married. We have two sons and two daughters. My husband does some menial jobs for daily wages and we sometimes do agriculture also. Our village is situated in a remote place away from the city. We are tribal people and are not much educated. Our village is less developed and is economically poor. 

We collect water from an open well. This well is 500 meters away from my house. During summer days when this well dries up we used to try to collect water from the hand pump installed in a school but as they did not allow us, we used to walk around 2 kilometers and collect water from a the river.

My daughter when she was 4 years old, while playing near the well, she fell into the well and when I looked into the well to fetch water, I found her dead inside. I was shocked and I fainted. It was very heart breaking for me to lose my daughter. This well had no proper fencing around because of which my daughter fell inside and died. If my daughter was alive she would have been 16 years now. Even today the well is in the same condition and we drink the water from the same well. I often remember her, especially while fetching water. Many people felt sorry for this loss and though we wanted to have a hand pump installed, we did not have the money to do it.

I am truly grateful to SGF for installing a new hand pump for us. This was something we could not afford and no one else came forward to do this for us. I am glad today that we have a safe and better water source from where we can collect water easily. This water is sweet and good to drink. I thank the donors for contributing towards providing us this hand pump. This help means a lot to us.

Rupiya Devi, Giridih, Jharkhand

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Previous Water Source

New hand pump installed by SGF