New Water Source Brought Dignity of Life

One of the major challenges that I faced each day was collecting water for my family. We had no hand pump in our village and for collecting water and we had to walk 1.5 kilometers to fetch water from an open well. For pregnant women, it is very difficult to collect water. I know their pain because when I was pregnant, walking long distance carrying 2 buckets of water, climbing upwards to reach my home used to be very challenging. I had to do it though I knew it could affect the fetus. Often I used to suffer from body pain and fall sick. I used to get very tired. When we go to another village for collecting water, they used to mock us and even fight with us.

But thanks to SGF, It’s no longer the same story anymore. Today we have got a new hand pump installed through SGF. We are very happy with the new water source as we are able to collect sufficient water easily from nearby. We don’t have to go to other villagers to collect water anymore. We will be able to live with dignity without being mocked by anyone. The water from the new hand pump is good to drink. I am grateful to SGF for helping us.
Santi Mohali (mother of 4 kids) Pakud, Jharkhand

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New hand pump installed by SGF

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